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Hot Design Trends @ the Lake 2019

*Blending the outdoors and indoors together. If you have a great porch facing the lake why not incorporate retractable or folding doors from the main house to the porch or decking? Not only will it give you that closer feeling to the lake and Mother Nature , it will make it more fun and inviting for entertaining your guests. There are many companies now that specialize in these closures.

*Bringing more green into homes with plantscapes. If you don’t like to keep the doors open why not bring a little green into your living space. Plants always help blend the indoors with the outdoors. A grouping of easy care plantings is all you need. Plants are also great for keeping our indoor air fresh.

*More metals. This is the year of using a variety of metals, especially warm metals like copper and brass or brushed metals. Go ahead and mix and match. I just recently purchased some lovely metal pieces at a delightful shop on Main St in Canandaigua.

*Modern colors. Feel free to incorporate some really bright and fun colors, you know colors that really pop. The easiest way to add splashes of color is with various throw pillows on your sofa or a few decorating

accessories. A cottage should be a fun place and punches of color will add that fun factor.

*Textures. There are some great design options for the walls inside and even outside of your cottage that can add touches of character. On the outside it could be found on a piece pf privacy fencing and on the inside a statement wall of only texture. Continue on with pillows, bedding and even furniture. How about a nice footstool that looks like a nautical rope?

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