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Lake Notes by Mary... Canandaigua Lake Real Estate Market Update

With 36 miles of lakefront on Canandaigua Lake there is something for everyone. Canandaigua Lake offers some of the more stylish homes on the Finger Lakes, just after Skaneateles Lake. You will find stately homes that are gated, manicured and ultimately impressive wrapping their way around the Lake. Some of the well known and prominent leaders and CEO’s of various Monroe and Ontario County business’s have purchased and or built some of the more magnificent structures. In a normal year you can find an average of forty homes for sale on Canandaigua Lake with an average of about twenty seven selling throughout the year. The real estate market on Canandaigua Lake is quite unique. Lot and home

Can Your Lake House Say “Cheese” ?

When considering the option of putting your home on the market for sale, there are so many things to consider. One of the most important items is “Curb Appeal”. Most homes are viewed from the street only and not the back yard. But when you have a lake home, your home has to say “Cheese” from two directions. As REALTORS®️, we always talk about curb appeal and how important those first seconds are in determining whether a buyer will maintain or even have any interest in the seller’s home. When you are on a lake you have viewers that drive by car and those that drive by in a boat. That means your lake house that is for sale must be picture perfect from the lake as well. Just like you would pu

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