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Vintage Cottage or Vagabond Delight

As you casually cruise around the lakes absorbing the sunlight that dances between ripples of water and onto your skin, you will take in various styles of lake side cottages and even mansions. The vintage style simplistic in design, speaks of years gone by. These cottages are also difficult to find mostly because they fit into the lower asking price category. There are many cottages that stil revel in the simplicity, sometimes with no interior walls or insulation. You may even find the electric panels with fuse boxes. Owning a cottage like this means a no fuss enjoyment of the lake.

As stated earlier, these cottages are difficult to find with most being scooped up by buyers with plans of grandeur. So many of these forgotten gems are being replaced with modern and sometimes impressive masterpieces where the lakeside lifestyle takes on a new meaning. In these homes you will find marble and granite, pavers for walkways and retaining walls, docks large enough to dine for twenty and apps to turn everything off and on.

If you desire the days of simplicity and leisure, for a place just to call out the day on the lake, then one of these misfit beauties are for you. Designers find them to be a gratifying challenge, to both stage and enjoy as our parents, aunts and uncles may have used them.

Close your eyes and picture your vision of lake life in the days gone by when swimming during the day and catching fireflies at night left you in a motionless slumber, only to start the next day full of energy and fun.

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